Oshiro Miko

A princess longing for her beloved to return


Name: Oshiro Miko
Born: The royal palace
Race: Human.
Occupation: Princess & Shrine Maiden
Skills: Spiritual attunement, staff combat, hand to hand combat, fishing
Known family:
Father- Emperor Oshiro Tengen
Mother – Dead
Hobbies: Fishing, painting, Shrine maiden things

Currently: She rules beside her father with an iron fist, seemingly having turned evil after the love of her life betrayed her. (All a ruse that only Akai and herself are aware of, of course)


As with most rebellious princesses Miko one day fled the castle to find some rest and respite away from the city, it was while walking down the riverside she stumbled upon Akai sitting on a stone holding a self made fishing rod, next to him there was a small shrine erected to the spirit of the lake. She approached him and inquired what he was doing, in turn she was horrified by the visage, a red demonic mask was gazing right back at her, screaming in horror and flailing she fell into the lake and hit her head, the last thing she remembers was cold water and seeing the demon approach.

She woke up minutes later, gazing up into the eyes of an unmasked Akai who quickly offered his own dry clothing and all of the cooked fish to her, accepting since she did not want to get sick or such a thing she was firmly stuck with Akai for hours, waiting for her clothes to dry. This time went off slowly at first but as the two began to talk time faded away entirely as it was suddenly evening. Thinking that the man was just a peasant she never expected to meet him again. cruel however is mistress fortune and the very next day he was within, supposedly going to meet with her regarding official Kakushi Ha business. The two of course finished business as one would expect before she made the request that he remained a few days as a bodyguard whilst she explored the city and outlying areas. The request granted by her father due to the high praises and position of Akai sent the two on their way. Bonding over the days they spent it did not take long before the princess started to take trips to Kakushi Ha under the pretense of getting more connected to the spirits of the land, which she did. But she had the ulterior motive of meeting with Akai more.
The two ended up meeting often in secret and soon a lovers bond was formed between the two.

When the rebellion started however she was devastated by the betrayal her father had committed and demanded him to cease, shock and surprise this did not end well and she was locked up within her room for many years, only seeing servants to bring her food, clothes and to wash her. Even her windows was removed and walls was put in their place, she never saw the outside world ever since. The only thing she found comfort in was that Akai would no doubt come to save her one day and as she had hoped, one day Akai arrived, bloodied and battered she did not recognize him at first, his once beautiful blue eyes was now a twisted red which seemed to leak blood instead of tears when he leapt into her arms, it was not before she felt his embrace that she recognized him. She was then told of what her father had done and pleaded to her that she would lie to her father and that she wanted in on the ‘evil’ business. She then claimed her father would know if she faked it, thanks to the Jōka Seishin her father would know that her heart was pure. It was then that Akai placed a kiss upon her lips before apologizing, nodding in understanding she was knocked out by Akai and her charge, the Jōka Seishin was taken.

Oshiro Miko

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