Valrath Folcard

Eredin's Brother, Knight and Stateman


A Knight of the Folcard household and first born son of Destrian. Not as accomplished as his brother Eredin, Valrath as the eldest son doesn’t have as much freedom as his younger brother. He spends most of his time learning how to be a true stateman and the intricacies of ruling a kingdom justly from his father whilst his brother ventures out questing. Whilst he yearns for glory every now and then, he is humbled by the reminder that there is no greater responsibility and honour than to have the men-at-arms and knights of House Folcard under your command, and its people under your protection. Let it not be said though that he shies away or is incapable of fighting. For to a Folcard, combat will be used just as much as civic ruling. As such, he has lead companies of men-at-arms and Knights onto the field of battle proudly and with skill.

Like his brother, he is a Half-elf.


Valrath Folcard

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