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  • Kakushi Ha

    Name: Kakushi Ha (Hidden blade)
    Population: Two hundred half-elves.
    Famous for: Breeding excellent spirit warriors
    Location: Secret (for commoners, only the higher ups in society knows of their location)

    Other: …

  • Jōka Seishin

    Name: Jōka Seishin (Purifying Spirit)
    Owner(s): Oshiro Miko & Akai Akuma

    Abilities: Legends has it that the Jōka Seishin has the ability to purify any corrupted being with it's blade. The blade also supposedly …

  • Akai Akuma

    [[File:675129 | class=media-item-align-right | 350x250px | Samurai_2.jpg]] Born in a isolated village from the known world Akai grew up learning to love his country, his father before him was a renowned samurai who went by the nickname "Black Death." …

  • Oshiro Miko

    As with most rebellious princesses Miko one day fled the castle to find some rest and respite away from the city, it was while walking down the riverside she stumbled upon Akai sitting on a stone holding a self made fishing rod, next to him there was a …