The majestic animal companion of Eredin.


A young but mighty griffon protected by strong black hide, armed with armour-shearing talons and a shield shattering beak. Just as a lion is the king of ground animals, and an eagle is king of the air- a griffon is truly the most noble of all magical beasts.

Woe to any that can foe that mistakes Astraeus as a mindless animal with intellect matching only a horse, for the Griffon has a keen intelligence of its own- capable of fully understanding the language of his human companion, and taking his own initiative during battle, outwitting many an underestimating opponent.


Native to the thick elven forests, a young Astraeus came upon Eredin during one of the Knight’s ventures to the Elven kingdoms. Detecting the presence of such a mighty magical creature, Eredin came to a halt and scanned the dense trees. The griffon took things into his own.. talons.. and leapt into view. Coming face to face with each other, Eredin took a deep bow- exposing his neck and back as a sign of respect and trust. A tense hour passed before the griffon returned the connection. A deep spiritual connection was formed, as if the threads of fate had intertwined. From then on, it was a rare sight to see Eredin too far from Astraeus.

Indeed, during one particularly fierce battle- Astraeus stood over Eredin’s prone form for 3 hours, killing any foe who came near until Eredin’s companions hacked a path through the beastmen. It was not the only time the Griffon had saved Eredin’s life- and vice versa. They have shared many a battle together.

The Beastmen of the North have a large reward for the warrior that manages to take down either of the pair- in addition to a significant amount of honour and glory, for these two together have carved through countless heathens in their time together, reaping a bloody toll on the warherds to the point they have their own name for the Griffon: ‘The Shadow of Death.’

Rival human kingdoms that have gone to war with King Anselm- the monarch that the Folcards owe their allegiance to- are no exceptions to morale shattering casualties, the Griffon and his rider being just as effective against humans as beasts.

More recently, it is a common sight to see them flying overhead simply for the practice, bonding time, and sense of liberation.


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