Destrian Folcard

Patriarch of House Folcard


A veteran of a hundred battles, Destrian is as experienced as he is frightening in combat. Wielding a huge hammer that can crumble the thickest of plate in a single swing, he is a true terror on the field. He is the head of the Folcard household and accomplished Knight who, despite being so grizzled, has a firm sense of purpose and moral conviction. He has been stern in imposing a relatively sturdy moral compass upon his children for one who has killed so many foes in battle. Destrian is thought to be the best orator in generations, able to raise the spirits of his men to untold levels from the jaws of despair.


A stern man, but one that never breaks his word and never stoops to trickery and lies and loyal without exception- truly a unwavering Knight. He ensures his honourable legacy will live on through his children, in who he has thoroughly educated in body, mind and spirit.



Destrian Folcard

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