King Anselm

Ruler of the Kingdom of Kaeloth


King Ingran Anselm is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Kaeloth; one of the prominant human kingdoms in the world. Anselm boasts a strong number of loyal vassals- the most famous and powerful of which is Lord Destrian Folcard. Anselm is a just king, ensuring he never loses touch with the happenings and troubles of his entire kingdom as to not be distanced from events. He has lead armies into war against human kingdoms and beastmen alike when either of which mustered large warbands that threaten to overwhelm the first lines of defense. However, he values peace not only as a time to recuperate losses, rebuild the economy and prepare for the next conflict- but also due to the serene nature of it. Being able to look out at his people as well as the vast fields, rolling hills and broad forests of his kingdom and know that his land is prospering.

He rules from his capital, the namesake of the Kingdom. Kaeloth is a mighty city with a large population. His throne room lies within the upper levels of the citadel- a nigh impregnable fortress of thick walls, towering spires, and a myriad of defensive mechanisms.

Anselm provides funding for his feudal Lords to maintain armed forces to defend the borders of their fiefs and in turn, the Kingdom. When the time to march is upon them, the King calls all of the Lords to arms to combine into one mighty army to advance into enemy territory.

His kingdom faces threats of beastmen herds, undead hordes and rival human kingdoms.


King Anselm

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