Available Mercenary Companies

All available companies are firm on the fact they are entitled to loot from defeated foes.

Crimson Wolves.

Known for: Intimidation factor, fearless. 

Forces: 600 warriors.

Price: 21k a month.

Former raiders and reavers have come together to form a company that's more principled than simply raping and pillaging. Each warrior- man or woman- is a grizzled warrior that's been handling axes since they could hold them. Employers need not fear them losing heart and abandoning tasks when faced with overwhelming odds, for a good death is a bonus- not to mention each wound they take simply makes them angrier at the foe.

When on the defensive, the chain mail clad warriors form a broad and compact shield wall several ranks deep that's virtually impenetrable. When on the offense, they unleash their beserkers to forge a bloody path through the enemy ranks so that the rest of the company can utilize their wedge formations to exploit the gaps made.

Spears of Valour.

Known for: Discipline, versatility, professional soldiers.

Forces: 800 heavy infantry. 300 heavy cavalry. 100 light cavalry. 200 archers.

Price: 35k a month.

An extremely professional force of veteran soldiers; this company has endured many campaigns together. Their numbers used to be triple what they currently are, but after long seasons of constant campaigning in the human kingdoms against beastmen and other humans, they are somewhat diminished but as eager as ever to get some more victories to their name.

Plate clad footmen form tight pike walls to halt the enemy like water upon rocks, once the foe is tied up the heavy cavalry comes sweeping around in an organized charge to shatter the enemy. A simple tactic that has proven effective against dozens of armies. They are a steel warmachine, each part performing their task with grim determination and discipline.


Known for: Artillery, siege breaking, timely. 

Forces: 8 Onagers, 12 Trebuchets, 2 Cannons. 60 Infiltrators and Sappers. 100 shock troops.

Price: 24k a month.

If you want a city or fortified position taken, this group is the go-to company. Comprised almost purely of dwarves; they carry with them their siege engines in several broken down parts ready to be assembled on sight.

When they have been, a barrage of rocks and cannonballs creates breaches in the enemy walls so that dwarven-plate clad warriors storm in. All the while more stealth inclined fighters and rogues dig tunnels under the walls, or utilize ropes and ladders to sneak in the night before to take full advantage of the kerfuffle caused by the shock troops.

Company of the Brave.

Known for: Eagerness, relative cheapness, ragtag.

Price: 8k a month.

Forces: 50 Cavalry, 100 Infantry. 80 Archers. 10 Healers. 10 Mages.

The newest of the listed companies, the Company of the Brave is made up of a diverse ragtag combination of many different races, religions and styles of fighting under one banner. They only accept contracts that they deem as a 'good cause', and go about it with great eagerness when they do. The relatively cheap price is to reflect their enthusiasm to prove themselves as a reliable company to hire.

Their combat doctrine is very simple; the infantry charges in whilst the spellcasters and archers act in support and target the enemy's ranged forces. Good for smaller campaigns, better used as a support force against larger forces.

Arcane Legion.

Known for: Outstanding support, highly destructive.

Forces: 30 mages and spellweavers.

Price: 7k a month.

This small company is made up entirely of spellweavers. When combined, their destructive capabilities would make any opposing force falter. Their skills are also very useful in support of melee forces, and do indeed suffer from being extremely vulnerable when in close range themselves. 

Lions of Galeah.

Known for: Shock charges, mobility, demoralizing. 

Forces: 200 light cavalry. 400 heavy cavalry. 200 horse archers. 20 healers.

Price: 20k a month.

Comprised entirely of cavalry, this company can cover a lot of ground quickly. Their force boasts cavalrymen from all around the world- and this diversity yields a very interesting company. 

The light cavalry is used as a scouting force and to harass light infantry as well as ranged forces, whilst their heavy cavalry is a terrifying sight to behold when they all charge in formation and is almost guaranteed to smash through any non-pike wielding force. Horse archers make for excellent skirmishers, their mobility and accuracy make certain to demoralize enemy forces who can do little but wait for them to run out of arrows. All in all, this is truly a nightmare of a company to fight.

Covenant of Shadows.
Known for: Assassination & guerilla warfare, stealth & infiltration.

Forces: 50 Rogues and Assassins.

Price: 6k a month.

Specializing in unconventional warfare, the Covenant of Shadows is an excellent insurgency unit- used to hit high value targets quickly and quietly to destabilize enemy forces and lower morale. 

They bring fear to the foe by way of being unpredictable and uncatchable. They'll very rarely be found on an actual battlefield- doing all of their fighting in swift ambushes or infiltrating foe's positions to wreak havoc behind enemy lines.




12,000 Gold.

Available Mercenary Companies

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