Fiefdom of Varilion & House Folcard

Under the protection and beholden to the Folcard Household, Varillion lies in the kingdom of Kaeloth. Currently, the head of the Folcard lineage is Sir Destrian Folcard. The land itself boasts a great number of beautiful forests, lakes, woods and rolling plains. Its leagues of farmland worked daily by those citizens not living in one of the towns littering the countryside. At the heart of the area lies Folcard Hold, a mighty castle of immense proportions that has never once been breached by enemies. It is such a center point that a small city has sprung up around it over time. It is manned stoically by the men-at-arms and Knights of Folcard.

House Folcard are known for always honoring their word, and their combat prowess honed by decades- if not centuries- of fighting not only the beastmen tribes that raid from the northern mountains, but also rival kingdoms and even other households within the Kingdom of    on the rare ocassion. In addition to this, the undead are a problem more often than not; sprouting from the many battlefields that cover the kingdom of      at the call of necromancers. Due to this, a number of Paladins and War Priests have found themselves sworn to the House and its people, dedicated entirely to defending Varillion against the undead threat. 

Destrian, as his forefathers before him, has never once failed to answer a call to arms- always mustering his veteran soldiers and knights to march on any and all threats. Due to this, House Folcard have quite the hard-earnt military prestige. 



Men-at-arms: House Folcard maintains a standing force of 800 men-at-arms, with a further 200 reserve being able to be raised within two weeks. These professional soldiers are equipped with half plate or full plate and have trained regularly for years together to achieve impressive martial coordination. In terms of weaponry, most are equipped with halberds with arming swords as sidearms. They are paid by Destrian Folcard, who in turn is given funding by the King to maintain a standing force in defense of the Kingdom against its many foes. 


Huntsmen: Acting as archers, scouts, ambushers and pathfinders in war time and patrollmen and hunters in peacetime- the Huntsmen consist of 100-200 bowmen clad in leather or hide armour that take on the ranged duties of war.


Paladins and War Priests: Due to the ever increasing threat of undead; the fiefdom and its leader's honorable ways have attracted more than a few Paladins and War Priests to aid in its defense. Together with the locally trained Paladins, they form a contingent that can fight as one elite unit or individually as holy knights that protect an area of the fiefdom. They number approximately thirty.

Knights: House Folcard boasts its own impressive force of Knights strictly loyal to the Household. These knights are as devastating on the battlefield as they are chivalrous. They number approximately eighty.

Finally, a small contingent of a dozen Eldritch Knights make up the personal Honour Guard of Destrian Folcard.

Fiefdom of Varilion & House Folcard

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